About Us


VELLORE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION was established in the year January 2009 under the aegis of Amirtham Ammal Govindaraj Educational Trust.

Vellore College of Education is committed to nurture quality teachers of tomorrow under the stewardship of Prof. K. Sharma who is the chairman of the college and the trust, a former Principal and a visionary educationist committed to the value based teacher education.

Objectives of the Trust:

  • To promote and advance educational institutions in general and teacher education institutions in particular and to establish vocational training centers.

Trust Office:No,4045 TANCSC Road,Kamalakshipuram,Vellore-6312 002.

We rely a lot on technology to make sure that the students get the best education in a way which sticks. Use of technology products such as laptops, projectors ensure that the teachers present the topic in a most impressive way. Resulting in concept clarity and full absorption.

We also encourage use of personal audio gear such as wireless headphones and earbuds so that students get good recreational time without disturbing one another.