VELLORE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is established as per the guidance of National Council for Teacher Education, Government of India with the required infrastructure.

The learning environment contributes to create a conductive frame of mind, so that a teacher trainee can get the maximum benefit of the rich course offered and the stimulating pedagogy of the institution.

Class Rooms:

Well furnished, airy class rooms with proper lighting.
Adequate furniture, good and modern black boards.
Clean drinking water.
Air conditioned rooms.
Energy efficient ceiling fans.
Sanitation facilities.


Sufficient numbers of text books, Journals, Encyclopaedia and books on general knowledge as per the NCTE Norms.
Daily Newspapers.
Spacious reading rooms with good ambience for the students.


Physical sciences laboratory.
Biological sciences laboratory.
Psychology laboratory.
Educational Technology laboratory.


Adequate facilities for sports and games.
IPCA.Online is closely followed.

Audio Visual Equipment:

Adequate AV Instruments and computers for student’s utilization.

Usage of Best Wireless Earphones enables students to relax, study and recreate as and when needed.

Music system and soundbar equipped and enabled small recreational rooms for entertainment purposes.

Plenty of AV equipment together with our fantastic curriculum and teaching make sure that our students are on top of every topic.


We accept students from boards like CBSE and ICSE to make sure that no student is devoid of the opportunity to get quality education.